While you are reading this text, Windows is overwriting deleted files on your system drive (usually C:), even if you just watch your screen. Installing software, including data recovery software, or surfing on the Internet will overwrite more deleted files.
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Immediately after a file was deleted, its data is still invisibly on the drive. Therefore it's possible to recover deleted files. The location of the file data is not always known. In those cases the data recovery software needs to make a guess. This guess can be good or bad and therefore the results can vary. You will find out how successfully the data recovery software worked, when you try to open the recovered file. Recover4all displays reliable recovery chances, but you also need to check the file after recovery.

Deleted files will sooner or later be overwritten, when other files are saved to the same drive. There is no software in the universe that can recover overwritten files. Be careful, when you install software. "Installing" usually means that files will be copied to your system drive (usually C:) and this will overwrite deleted files. Recover4all runs directly from disk and will not copy or change anything on your computer. No adware, no spyware. Coded and compiled in Germany.

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